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The new H2 hummer limousine is arguably the most popular exotic limo on the internet. A hummer limousine is a stylish choice for your wedding or special event as it is both luxurious and spacious. Rental rates for hummer limos vary based on the limo company, the day of the week, and the time of the year. Stretch hummer limousines typically run anywhere from $125-$300 per hour based on these factors. Don't forget that in addition gratuity is based on a country average of 20% of the limousine rental.
            Hummer is a brand of off-road vehicles sold by GM, who is also known as General Motors. The Hummer is arguably the most desired sports utility vehicle out there, so it isn’t surprising that the Hummer limousine is so popular. When it comes to car rentals the Hummer original, the H2 and the H3 are often the choice of the wealthy. But because the Hummer as a limo holds so many people and everyone usually chips in, renting a hummer stretch limo tends to be less expensive than renting a regular stretch limo in the long run.

            A Hummer is the most powerful vehicle on the road and a limo is the classiest. Who doesn’t want to ride around in such a powerful, classy road terror? Heads turn for sure when the Hummer limousine passes by. But the passengers inside are unfazed as the windows are tinted and the luxury is copious. Although Hummer limousines are often rented for very important people, politicians and celebrities they are also common to rent among people for many occasions. Nowadays just about everyone has been in a hummer limo at some time or another. I knew a group of woman, there were about fifteen of them that used to love to shop together. They always went out for drinks afterward, and they did it once a month. They would all chip in and get a Hummer limo and raved about how much it escalated the enjoyment of the whole experience. They didn’t have to find parking, and had room for all their bags. Best of all, they didn’t have to limit the drinks they had with dinner.

            A Hummer limo is commonly rented for a wedding, and I have seen Hummers rented as wedding transportation for everything from a beach wedding in Los Angeles, Ca to corporate rentals for a business meeting in New York City. When military veterans or currents go and rent a limo, they won’t think twice before they choose the Hummer. A Hummer limousine is also commonly rented for prom and chauffeured hummer limos are rented for birthdays across the globe- daily! The Hummer limo is very common in places like the United Kingdom, as there are a lot of limos in the UK. Limo services that offer the Hummer are also popular in areas like Australia, Mexico, France and India among others. The most popular limo rental out of all limousine services worldwide would probably be a Hummer limousine in the United States, also known as the US.

            Limos come in all shapes and sizes, but how many people can say that their limo can go on the sand, dirt and other surfaces that are not typical for driving. A Hummer limo comes with a chauffer, and usually seats several. There are very big, extra large Hummer limos that could seat your entire family, and your spouses. This makes the Hummer a common choice for a rental in a wedding. When the Hummer is chosen for a bunch of friends getting together for a night on the town, it is often a black hummer limo that is preferred. This is possibly subconscious and because black is the color of night but more likely because black is known as a sophisticated, sleek and exciting color. Wedding planners often choose white hummer limos for their luxury tank rental of choice. This is obviously because white is the color of marriage.

            When a limousine is being rented for prom, homecoming or a birthday, it is almost always a Hummer as that is the hippest limousine to date. However, birthday limo renters, prom and homecoming customers don’t typically choose the white hummer limo OR the black hummer limo. In fact, their limousine of choice is usually a pink hummer limo (whether it be hot pink or baby pink) or a green hummer limo (some choose army green hummers and others are looking for a brighter limo green). Silver hummer limos are common as well.

            Hummer limos usually come with plush leather seats and a fully stocked bar, however ID will be required upon entering the limousine and if you are under legal drinking age alcohol free champagne or soda may be served instead of regular champagne, wine, beer and hard liquors. The interior of Hummer limos often light up, some lighting up with fiber optic lights that gradually change color.

            To ride in a Hummer limo is a whole new experience. A chauffer opens the door for you. There is sometimes a television and a DVD player. There are some hummer limos that even come with video game systems, food and much, much more. A hummer limo should play music. Some hummer limos have even been known to come with surround sound and CD players so you can play your own music. The extremely luxurious Hummer limos often chosen by celebrities sometimes are equipped with massaging seats and odd things like foot baths. Some limousines come with Jacuzzi’s, whirlpools, and hot tubs.

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